Keep it Clean!


When it comes to maintaining good tree health, implementing and improving biosecurity is only part of the story for Forestry Commission England.

Much of our work focuses on communication, engagement and awareness-raising activities which contribute to supporting FC’s wider biosecurity campaign – Keep it Clean.

Trees provide a number of  benefits for humans and wildlife so protecting them is in the interest of society. One of the main threats facing the UK’s trees is the introduction of non-native pests and diseases. But there’s good news – everyone can help by carrying out simple biosecurity measures to reduce the movement of infected or infested material across woodlands and sites.

Keep it Clean (KiC) is a simple, memorable call to action that encourages everyone to incorporate simple steps into their daily routine.

We have created a number of different materials such as the video above, as well as guidance for the public and industry professionals.

Support our campaign by downloading and sharing these tools with your colleagues, friends and family. Head over to FC’s biosecurity webpages for resources (including the KiC logo), free online training and further information.

By working together to Keep it Clean, we can ensure our trees, woodlands and forests stay healthy for generations to come.

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