Biosecurity FAQ

Author: Katherine Deeks, Biosecurity Officer. Often when we’re out and about, delivering talks or training, my colleagues and I get asked the same questions on biosecurity. This post takes a look at some of these common questions and a few extra ones following a call on social media. If you have any other questions on … Continue reading Biosecurity FAQ

7 Pillars of Biosecurity

Author: James Roberts, Biosecurity Officer for Urban Forestry & Arboriculture. Sun Tzu lived around 500BC in the ancient Chinese state of Wu. A military strategist, a general and a scholar of the ancient world, Sun Tzu’s most famous text, ‘The Art of War’, still exists today. However, what you might not know about Sun Tzu … Continue reading 7 Pillars of Biosecurity

Time to brush off your wellies!

Author: Katherine Deeks, Biosecurity Officer. Spring has well and truly sprung, the days are getting longer and warmer, and with the Easter long weekend around the corner… it’s time to brush off your wellies, pump up the bike tyres and head out into our beautiful countryside. And when you get there – we want you … Continue reading Time to brush off your wellies!

Plant Health across Defra

Author: Prof. Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer. The Government is committed to protecting our trees and other plants from pests and diseases and building their resilience to threats.  Our woodlands and parks are an essential economic, environmental and social resource so it’s vital that we keep them vibrant and healthy offering homes for wildlife … Continue reading Plant Health across Defra

Keep it Clean – don’t give pests and disease an easy ride

Author: Katherine Deeks, Biosecurity Officer. Much of my work is centered on communicating the importance of tree health and biosecurity, which includes working on the FC’s Keep it Clean campaign. This was first launched in February 2016, aimed at those working in industry (forestry, arboriculture and landscaping), but we have recently released some videos for … Continue reading Keep it Clean – don’t give pests and disease an easy ride

Working together for healthy trees

Author: Katherine Deeks, Biosecurity Officer. Plant health is a large subject, and the science behind our understanding of pests and diseases is forever changing and advancing. Communication and collaboration are therefore key to ensure that we stay up to date with the latest developments, and we work closely with various groups and stakeholders to make … Continue reading Working together for healthy trees